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Wahi Hawaii

Wahi Produce Bags - 6pc Set

Wahi Produce Bags - 6pc Set

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Wahi Produce bags

5 cotton mesh produce bags inside of a zipper logo pouch. Each mesh bag features a tag with corresponding Tare weight for easy checkout! 

Each Set Includes:

2 - Small Mesh Bags - 8”x9.25”

2 - Medium Mesh Bags - 9.25”x11.25”

1 - Large Mesh Bags - 11.25”x15.25”

1 Canvas Zipper Pouch - 6.75”x9.75”

Bags are intended for produce but are super versatile! Bags and pouch come in very handy for sand toys, seashells, wet bathing suits, sunscreen, various personal effects and much more!

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